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ASIHW events and meetings, as well as related and important wellness and nutritional events around the country and world.

Welcome To Our Website

ASI Health & Wellness is dedicated to bringing wellness to people, and even pets! We have found that by providing better nutrition we can have wellness, not illness, in our life. The result is a longer, healthier lifetime!

Current research supports the idea that individuals could possibly live healthy lives to 120 years with only a few changes in lifestyle and nutrition. Additional research on less defined factors points to a healthy lifespan of 150 to 200 years of age! The key word here is "HEALTHY"! No one wants to live to 150 if they are bedridden and can't enjoy life. In the very near future, we could be enjoying our life and great-great-great-grandchildren!

This research on aging shows glutathione to be a major factor in increasing longevity. In fact some studies imply we might be able to live to 120 years just by increasing glutathione levels to the level we have at age 20. Imagine the possibility of playing tennis (or your favorite sport) at age 100! Since glutathione drops as we age,our flagship product ASIHW Essential Proteins would be extremely important to take daily as a hedge against aging. It is guaranteed to increase your levels of glutathione!

We strive to bring the most natural products to the market! Every product is a Professional Quality Nutriceutical for effectiveness and assurance that these are the best products available. GMP standards are adhered to during the manufacturing process where ever possible. Goals for our products are to be:
  • Natural
  • Non-invasive
  • Nutritional
  • Safe
  • Effective
Some products are nutritionally based, while some are supplements or natural based remedies. Please note that we have support information for every product available upon request, if it is not located already on our website.

We are constantly growing, so we invite you to return frequently to see new additions. We also also ask your understanding as we progress, as our website may be under construction - but that is a good thing! We might even have a different look or layout next time you visit. Let us know if you like the old or new look better! Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions about our products, services or website.

Our products and services are offered as wellness support on a nutritional and/or educational basis, and we offer educational materials so you may learn why we think these products are important. All listed benefits are based upon scientific or historical evidence for a specific product or product category. These products and services are not offered as a means to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. For that you should visit a qualified licensed practitioner.

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