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Glutathione has over thirty important functions in the body. You can't live without it!

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ASIHW Essential Proteins has all of the nutrients essential to build glutathione!

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ASI Health & Wellness™ (aka ASIHW™) is dedicated to bringing natural wellness and longevity to astute individuals looking to improve their life Using Our Supplement Products including a Glutathione Supplement! Our food is becoming less nutritious and our diets lack truly healthy options. Our world is becoming more toxic and we exercise less that we should. The medical system is moving further away from natural solutions and beginning to control natural nutrition and supplements that might offer solutions. Individuals frequently live longer but yet have poor quality of life for their final years. Our average life span is even starting to decrease instead of increase! In our modern high tech society this doesn’t seem to make any sense!

Looking for a way to improve overall wellness and lifespan? Continue reading…

While looking at the big picture, individuals at ASIHW discovered something fascinating. Medical science has already found most of the answers! Medical research is many times encapsulated so much that the information does not get dispersed to those that can apply and use this information. It has yet to be taught in the medical system. It has not been passed along to the medical practitioners and nutritionists, and the general public has not been educated on this information! Instead we are being constantly educated on medications and medical procedures and their frequent side effects! At ASIHW we pride ourselves on finding this often neglected research information and using it to develop and find products and services to enhance overall health and longevity!

It boils down to this. Researchers on longevity understand what it takes for true natural health. They publish this research in medical journals. Adequate exercise, proper nutrition and a less toxic environment are the primary keys to longevity! There is research that indicates humans could live easily to 120, or even 150 to 200 years old – and with an excellent quality of life! Imagine the opportunity to enjoy life with your great, great, great, grandchildren!

Researchers of longevity agree on several major points and the most common thread has to do with oxidative stress. Oxidative stress destroys health! Oxidative stress shortens the lifespan which is related to most illnesses of old age. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals. Free radicals are toxic byproducts of living and our poor nutrition. Free radicals are also produced by our toxic environment.

There are two solutions to combat oxidative stress. The first is to avoid the causes, which is almost impossible today. The second is to neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress before they can cause damage. The best solution is actually a combination of the two options.

Almost everyone has heard about the importance of anti-oxidants. Yet most don’t understand why they are so important. They are important because they neutralize free radicals and combat oxidative stress. Most people think it is that simple, but it isn’t. There is more to the story. Antioxidants can’t do everything and they need help. For example vitamin C does not cross the blood brain barrier so the brain is not protected from the benefits of vitamin C nor most common antioxidants. Nature has found a better way!

The body manufactures a molecule called glutathione
(pronounced as "glue-ta-thigh-on"). Glutathione (or GSH for short as one form) is called the Master Antioxidant because it is so fundamental to the neutralization of free radicals as well as oxidative stress. Unfortunately, while there are over 100,000 medical research articles on glutathione relating to almost every illness and condition, it is not taught in medical or nutrition schools! Glutathione has over 30 important functions in the body from detoxification to immune function to metabolism to elimination of oxidative stress. It is so important that without GSH we would die!

The body tries to keep levels of glutathione at an optimum level for protection. Unfortunately glutathione levels drop due to aging, poor nutrition, illness, lack of proper exercise, a toxic environment and other causes, many of which may be unknown. This drop in glutathione can contribute to poor health at any age, but more frequently in our years after about 40. Coincidentally this is also the age when most people start to notice age related conditions like more frequent illnesses, diabetes, weight gain, low energy, heart disease, cholesterol issues and the list goes on.

Higher glutathione levels are characteristic of all individuals with long healthy lives. Glutathione levels will generally improve with proper exercise, nutrition and avoidance of a harmful environment. Some foods even help boost glutathione levels but most are damaged by cooking as well as processing rendering them useless. The problem is that as we age these methods have their limits, especially if damage has occurred to the pathways that help the body to produce glutathione.

There is another way to boost glutathione for greater health. A good quality supplement may be the answer! The question becomes, "What constitutes a good quality glutathione supplement?” Glutathione itself does not generally make a good quality glutathione supplement as it is destroyed in the digestive system. Glutathione is not absorbed via the skin in sufficient quantities to boost overall health. The goal has been to provide an effective solution for a glutathione supplement.

We can learn from Nature. Nature chooses to provide the building blocks for glutathione in our raw foods. For example, the building blocks (precursors) can be found in fresh Mother’s Milk that infants get from breastfeeding and is important for the immune function of the growing infant! Unfortunately the building blocks have their limits. Cooking and processing destroys some of the more fragile precursors so they become useless in building glutathione. Some synthetic precursors have been developed and are used frequently in research or as a glutathione supplement but they present their own set of difficulties and do not result in the same reaction or benefit. However, there is a way to harness these building blocks. The most obvious way is to concentrate them from whole raw foods without destroying them.

Glutathione Product Information and

Supplement Advantages

ASIHW has developed Ultrein™. Ultrein™ as a Glutathione Supplement is a proprietary whey protein concentrate specially formulated to provide all glutathione precursors in order to become an effective Supplement for Glutathione! Ultrein™ is not the same as any other undenatured whey proteins. As a glutathione supplement Ultrein™ is designed to optimize the quality and quantity of all necessary important glutathione supplement precursors.

In addition ASIHW includes a variety of beneficial super antioxidants & nutritional products to support glutathione production in the body. There is even a blood test available from ASIHW by Spectracell to provide a more objective view of the immune system, glutathione levels and nutritional status. We invite you to explore our line of products and services. You can be assured that if found here, it will be effective when used as directed. We guarantee it!

ASIHW is dedicated to bringing natural living for a healthy Life; even pets! It is our opinion that by providing better nutrition we can have wellness, not illness, in our life.
Our goal at ASI Health & Wellness is to integrate and complement natural biological systems as well as nutrition by understanding the processes involved from medical research. The result can be a longer, healthier lifetime! For our products please click here; or peruse our menus to explore our growing family of natural wellness products as well as our science backed educational information




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