Ultrein and Chemotherapy for Cancer

Ultrein and Chemotherapy for Cancer

UltreinTM Can Complement Medical Cancer Treatments

ASI Health & Wellness has learned a lot about the body, including cancer. Cancer occurs for many reasons, but basically it is because the body is out of balance. It could be from any number of directions. It could be from nutrition, environment, stress and/or exercise and it is ultimately related to our genetic disposition for those factors. Aging is another factor as it affects how our body reacts to those other factors.

ASI Health & Wellness has discovered (along with many people and medical experts) that our modern diet is nutritionally deficient, especially in components that benefit the immune system. To that end ASI Health & Wellness has developed a product to assist in rebuilding the immune system. It is derived from milk before the milk gets damaged by ultra strong pasteurization and homogenization. Then, unnecessary components are removed to provide a product with nutrition that is most beneficial to humans. The result is similar to raw human milk in that it contains immune factors, immune boosting factors and essential proteins that can assist the body in rebalancing and supporting the immune system. This product is called Ultrein. It is an essential part of a diet and helps keep individuals healthy from most colds, flu and other health issues.

Ultein is safe for just about anyone, from infants to aging adults. How it affects the body is studied by medical science for how the undamaged proteins and immune factors boosts the immune system, aging and a host of other health related conditions. Experience of Ultrein with cancer includes breast cancer, skin cancer and others. However, it has helped with many other health related issues, with many people, because of how it affects the immune system and metabolism.

There is a lot to share on how Ultrein can benefit the immune system and rebalance the body.However, to be more specific it will be described herein with chemotherapy. Chemo is a toxin that attempts to target cancer. It does this typically by attaching a toxin to a sugar. Cancer likes sugar and aggressively devours sugars.(For that reason it is recommend to eat very few, if any, sugars and simple carbohydrates if an individual has cancer.) However, other cells in the body can typically metabolize toxic chemo also, resulting in a weakened body and immune system. The results are the horrible "side effects” of chemo. These side effects can not only include a weakened immune system resulting in susceptibility to other illnesses, but also include weight loss, nausea, hair loss, open sores, inability to tolerate foods, severe fatigue and a host of other symptoms as the body deteriorates from the action of the chemo.

Ultrein can complement chemotherapy by providing a full spectrum of easily absorbed protein nutrition to maintain the body. In addition, it provides the immune factors that can assist in maintaining the immune system so the body can properly assist the chemo in destroying the cancer. It is the destruction of the immune system and other cells in that body that is partially responsible for the side effects of chemo. By helping to properly maintain the body Ultrein can help to reduce these serious "side effects” and destruction of the immune system, thus potentially effecting faster healing and recovery. It is a WIN-WIN proposition.

As part of a typical diet, doctors should have little issue with Ultrein. There are many clinical trials that support important dietary changes. In fact, they frequently recommend processed (damaged) proteins as part of the diet, but many include high concentrations of unwanted cancer eating sugars or may be less tolerable due to added ingredients. Herein provided is additional information on the nutritional aspects of Ultrein in case there is any question about it. Whether you decide to add Ultrein to your diet is up to you. It is felt and suggest it is worth the potential synergistic benefits.

There are other dietary recommendations if you have interest, like a more Ketogenic type diet. If you have any questions about Ultrein, diet, medical treatments, or other information, ASI Health & Wellness would be glad to share what has been learned through research and experience.Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Of course, a person could just go out and get a cow to obtain fresh raw milk to drink, but Ultrein is a little safer, convenient and specially concentrated for effectiveness!