Ultrein™ to detox and rebuild the Immune System

Nov 27 2020 posted by ASIHW
Ultrein™ to detox and rebuild the Immune System

Ultrein™ to detox and rebuild the Immune System

Ultrein™ is a unique natural product in how it benefits the body! It is a special proprietary whey protein concentrate designed to provide nutrients essential for detoxifying the body and rebuilding the immune system. It is unique and unlike any other whey protein found in stores! Individuals with toxicity issues such as chemicals, molds, fragrances, pesticides, heavy metals and similar issues may obtain significant benefit from Ultrein™! In addition, Ultrein™ has the necessary nutrients to support a strong immune system. This can be beneficial for individuals that are considered "AT RISK” for common illnesses such as colds and flu, as well as more advanced illnesses such as Shingles, Diabetes and even Cancer. Ultrein™ affects the body in a very fundamental way that allows it to assist the body for a broad spectrum of health conditions!

How does Ultrein™ aid the immune system?

Ultrein™ boosts the immune system in several ways. First, Ultrein™ contains important immune factors. One immune factor is Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is made by the body as a natural antibacterial! If supplies of lactoferrin are low, the body will have a difficult time fighting off bacterial infections. Supplementing Lactoferrin can be one way to rebuild the immune system. Lactoferrin has other benefits as well. For example it is important in supporting the manufacture of red blood cells by providing the necessary iron that makes them red and able to carry oxygen to the rest of the body.

Secondly, Ultrein™ contains a broad spectrum of Immunoglobulins. These are immune factors that fight off a variety of infection types. Supplementing Immunoglobulins can be another way to help rebuild the immune system.

The immune system also uses white blood cells to find, attack and destroy pathogens of all types. If the body is deficient in white blood cells, has weak white blood cells and/or has an imbalance of white blood cell types, it can have difficulty in safely fighting off infections. For example, white blood cells require high levels of an important substance called glutathione. Glutathione is one of the most important molecules in the body. If glutathione levels are low, white blood cells may be deficient in this important molecule. In fact, they may not even be able to multiply to proper levels to protect the body. Imagine the body attempting to fight off an illness without the important white blood cell. The effect is either frequent infections or severe illnesses. A person with weak, or insufficient, white blood cells is generally considered "at risk” for many serious illnesses. This is frequently the problem that occurs as we age of when we have other adverse health conditions.

How does Ultrein™ Detoxify the body?

Detoxification of the body occurs constantly. Every cell of the body has the ability to detoxify itself. On the cellular level this detoxification is limited to internal supplies of important nutrients. Detoxification of the body can also occur from specialized systems and organs within the body. The most important of these is the liver. The liver contains many resources and pathways to use to detoxify the body. Science has found that the most important detoxification pathway in cells and the liver appears to be via glutathione!

Everyone seems to know that antioxidants are important for detoxification. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that the most important antioxidant in the body is the Master Antioxidant called glutathione! If glutathione levels are low, the body cannot effectively detox itself from essential internal conditions such as metabolism and cellular death or damage. If glutathione levels are low, the body cannot sufficiently detoxify itself from external factors such as alcohol consumption, chemicals, fragrances, pesticides, mercury and even medications like Tylenol or antibiotics!

Sadly, eating glutathione does not provide sufficient glutathione. Glutathione is typically manufactured in the body from dietary nutrients found in raw meat, raw milk and other raw protein sources. These nutrients are not found in high levels in vegetable sources. In addition, these nutrients are damaged when cooked or processed. Ultrein™ solves this problem by supplying all of the natural nutrients necessary for the body to manufacture glutathione as necessary. The body tries to constantly make glutathione as needed. It cannot make glutathione efficiently if there are insufficient reserves of the nutrients necessary for this production of glutathione. It would seem that providing the necessary nutrients would be the most efficient way to allow the body to build glutathione as needed. It can then have sufficient levels to provide effective detoxification of the body when necessary. Ultrein™ has the highest levels of bioavailable glutathione precursors and therefore it can be effective in helping the body to properly detoxify.

How else can Ultrein™ help the body stay healthy?

Ultrein™ contains important protein amino acids that can be utilized to maintain and rebuild the body. Science has discovered that the human body cannot manufacture nine amino acids called "essential amino acids”. These amino acids, when properly ingested, can be used by the body to manufacture all other proteins within the body. Imagine if a person is deficient in one or more of these essential proteins. It may not be able to build more muscle, repair damaged skin, maintain an effective nervous system or maintain a healthy heart. Ultrein™ contains all nine of these essential amino acids as well as all other important amino acids needed to build a body from scratch.

In our opinion, today our diets consist primarily of damaged foods with poor nutrition. Plants are grown in soils lacking in important nutrients and grown with toxic pesticides or incomplete synthetic fertilizers. Animals are fed less than natural diets, frequently with GMO's, pesticides and steroids. Vegetables are frequently GMO’s, picked green and shipped long distances to markets. Animals are raised in confined conditions. Important nutrients are damaged when cooked or processed. Unfortunately we eat this way out of both "convenience", as well as "safety” in order to avoid pathogens that may be found on some fresh foods due to mass processing.

Ultrein™ is specially processed to avoid damage to important nutrients from milk. This milk is as close to being organic as possible. There are no additives, fillers, flavorings, GMO’s, pesticides, steroids, antibiotics or other unnecessary ingredients anywhere in the production of Ultrein™.

Imagine a fetus or infant (of any mammal) attempting to grow and develop without important amino acids, immune factors and glutathione precursors found in fresh, raw human milk! Consider that adults, with our poor modern diets, also may need these nutrients as well! Ultrein™ is as close as naturally possible to raw human milk in how it provides these important beneficial nutrients! Consider that Ultrein™ may be a great way to get the necessary nutrients to help our immune system, detoxify and heal our body!

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