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Sustainability and Environemnt

Here at ASIHW we are committed to reducing the ecological footprint of waste products. Some people call this "Green", but we just call it common sense!

Recycling is therefore part of our overall commitment to greater health for everyone, as well as the planet. We know the planet needs to be healthy in order to support a healthy lifestyle for everyone!

Some of the things we do to fulfill this goal include:

1. Recycling of products that can be used for shipping - When necessary for safety or product integrity, we use new packaging products (bubblewrap, bags, boxes, peanuts etc.) to ship our great products to our customers. However, don't be surprised to find our products packaged with clean plastic shopping bags, used bubble mailers, used boxes and/or other packaging materials. If you receive products from us packaged in this manner, please recycle them properly.

2. We purchase as many products for our office, warehouse and other areas out of recycled materials whenever possible.

3. Rather than purchase bottled water we use high quality alkaline water filters in our facility where possible.

4. We encourage our employees to support the recycling effort.

We feel that we should be a part of the solution, not the problem. The more we all reuse and recycle, the greater the ability to sustain a healthy planet. We all have the power to nurture our environment. Please help us in this effort by recycling responsibly when ever possible!

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