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Terms, Conditions, Shipping and Returns

Terms and Conditions of Use:

We believe that nutrition is the key to wellness, and from great nutrition can come great wellness! Toward this end, we have researched to find products and services that we feel can contribute to this goal. We believe our products are the finest possible, and they are guaranteed to be the finest products of their type available in the market.

Every product will benefit every individual differently. We know that every product will provide some benefit in some way to every individual that uses it properly for the intended purpose. However, if you find that any product does not meet with your satisfaction please contact us. We will promptly authorize a return, and provide an exchange or refund.

Our product and application information is provided for educational purposes. It is not a substitute for the information presented by a QUALIFIED licensed practitioner. Much of the information presented herein is cutting edge research. As such, it may not yet be taught in mainstream educational facilities, and many practitioners may not be familiar with this research. There may not be the huge "body of proof" studies with statistics. It is merely new information that may result in a study if someone sees the importance and acquires financial support to produce a large study.

Unfortunately, for most nutritional products, that money does not exist. The burden of proof then lies with anecdotal evidence that is loosely controlled (like testimonials). We offer reviews and testimonials as personal assertions about benefit from our products, information or services. If you wish to help us correlate large bodies of data, please ask about our survey. It can be time consuming, but the long term benefits to humanity may be worth it. We are attempting to correlate nutritional, genetic and environmental factors relating to long term wellness.

The testimonials and/or reviews published by persons about products or services available on this website are therefore the opinion of the product/service user. Individual results may vary. As such, the results may not apply directly to others, as their situation is certain to be different. Results may vary due to dosage, frequency of use, body weight, age, health condition, exposure to environmental stressors, exposure to emotional stress, tolerance and other conditions.

Please note that in the USA the FDA does not generally regulate foods and supplements. Therefore the products and statements on this website have not been approved in any way by the FDA. Therefore the standard medical disclaimer applies:

"Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This website and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Our suggestion is to empower yourself with information about your health and nutrition, and know the risks involved. Understand that no one person, group or company (licensed or not) knows everything, and that it is your choice to follow their advice. We are not licensed medical practitioners, and may not have all pertinent information available on a given subject, especially as to how it affects the complexities of a given individual. Therefore use of the information, products or services provided herein is at your own risk.

It is our assertion that knowing about nutrition will lead to long term wellness, and not knowing involves the risk of illness. That is our conclusion based upon our evidence and research. We request that you learn and draw your own conclusions. Please research additional information on anything we present. Then let us know if you agree or disagree. We welcome your comments.

You acknowledge that you understand these terms and conditions with every purchase of a product or service, or use of information provided herein or presented by our representatives or employees.

You may contacts us if you have any comments or additional questions.


We can ship by both UPS and USPS. Our standard for most orders is typically USPS, and delivery will usually be within one week. However, we usually ship by whichever way provides the best and fastest service with the lowest cost, based upon our experience. You may request a different method (if available) prior to the time of order, and we will do our best to comply with your request. Any shipping beyond our standard may incur additional cost. We can provide tracking and/or insurance upon request, and this may incur additional charge. Please contact us for a quote.

Standard rates and shipping times apply within the continental United States only. Additional cost and shipping time may apply to areas outside the continental United States. We will ship via standard USPS First class postage. We can also ship via priority mail at additional cost. Please contact us if you wish a quote on shipping for any order, prior to placing the order.

Please note that shipping to areas outside of the United States (and sometimes within) may incur additional fees, taxes and/or restrictions. We are not responsible for those fees, taxes or restrictions, they are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please check with local postal, and import authorities for any additional charges or restrictions that may apply for your country or location.

Unless otherwise noted, if within 30 days of purchase, you find that any product does not meet with your satisfaction please contact us. Provide us with the invoice number, item in question and date of invoice. We will promptly authorize a return, and provide an exchange or refund. Shipping and return costs are typically not refundable.

Please review our Terms and Conditions regarding our policies.

We appreciate your understanding and business!

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