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ASIHW events and meetings, as well as related and important wellness and nutritional events around the country and world.

Customer Service First!

Besides having a superb suite of natural and effective products, our other goal is to provide the best customer service ever! These are a few of our goals:

1. Respond to orders within two business days.

2. Respond to customer requests for assistance within two business days.

3. Respond for returns and refunds within two business days.

4. While we will ask why you may request a return or refund, and we may offer an alternative solution, there will be no obligation to partake of our suggested alternate offer.

5. Offer quality suggestions on the use and possible benefits of our products, where applicable.

6. Provide a website that is easy and fast to use, with features that support the understanding of our products.

Please leave comments on how we are doing in serving our customers. We really like kudos and compliments. However, we also appreciate constructive criticism and welcome that as well, so we can become even better at our goals!

Thanks for being great customers!

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