The Cancer Pandemic: Exploring New Frontiers to Exterminate Cancer

The Cancer Pandemic: Exploring New Frontiers to Exterminate Cancer

Cancer has become a pandemic in developing countries. In the USA one in three women (1 out of 3) and one in two men (1 out of 2) will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Yet in 1900, barely a century ago, only one in thirty-three (1 out of 33) were diagnosed with cancer! Sadly, individuals finding themselves (or friends or family) facing cancer seldom know about or understand the various options that may be available to avoid or survive cancer, and to live a long and healthy life without cancer. While our key product, ASIHW Essential Proteins can be instrumental in this effort, ASI Health & Wellness feels it to be imperative to explore all new frontiers in cancer avoidance and treatments in order to curtail and exterminate this cancer pandemic!

A video series has been professionally compiled that delves into the history of modern medicine and associated cancer treatments and we applaud the depth of information they have provided. This series discusses cancer, cancer causes, current medical cancer treatments and alternative options for cancer treatment. It is the professional compilation of a series of interviews with doctors, patients and survivors on what works and doesn’t work in avoiding cancer, treating cancer and surviving beyond cancer. It enlightens and educates on alternative treatments. The goal is to educate individuals on cancer, current cancer treatments and cancer alternatives so that someone facing cancer can know their options prior to treatment. Even more important is the information that may help some avoid cancer!

All 11 episodes will be presented at no cost as an educational health and wellness initiative by ASI Health & Wellness over the next few weeks and months. Each video episode is approximately one hour, and time after each video will be allotted for discussion. Subsequent video sessions will be scheduled based upon viewer interest. Check for scheduling.

Seating will be limited and available on a first come, first serve basis at the scheduled venues. RSVP is recommended (but check the calendar first) so we will know how many to expect. Bring family and friends and plan to be early to get your seat!

The video series has been compiled based on the interviews of approximately 51 doctors, researchers, cancer survivors and other experts in the field. Each video is approximately one hour long. The videos consist of the 11 part Cancer Pandemic Video Series as follows:

Episode #1: Modern Medicine & The Cancer Pandemic
Episode #2: Your First Line of Defense
Episode #3: Eliminate These "Dirty Dozen” to Prevent Cancer
Episode #4: Your Secret Fountain of Youth
Episode #5: Nature’s Pharmacy
Episode #6: Clean Foods & The Cancer-Free Diet
Episode #7: Diagnostic "Do’s & Don’ts” – Proven Treatment Protocol
Episode #8: Proven Treatment Protocols Part 2
Episode #9: Proven Treatment Protocols Part 3
Episode #10: Doctor’s Orders
Episode #11: How to Survive & Thrive

ASI Health & Wellness is presenting this video series at no cost throughout the Houston, TX area as an educational service to those interested in current treatments and cancer options. View our CALENDAR for dates and locations.

If you can not attend for some reason (like you don't live in Houston!), to order or view this series please visit:

DISCLAIMER: Some information presented in this video series may be controversial and the information is presented as an education on cancer and various options. The information is not designed to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure anyone with cancer. Individuals should discuss any information or options presented with a knowledgeable professional.