Our Natural Heritage for Wellness!

May 06 2013 posted by ASIHW
Our Natural Heritage for Wellness!
It is our opinion that medical science is taking two radically different paths.

The first is a natural path. This is the path of nature, where man comes to grip with his human essence and worldly resources. Man then uses it to his advantage for health and wellness. Following the footsteps of evolution it is thought that mankind can find the real power to ascertain wellness and longevity. The thoughts are that the body has everything it needs to be healthy. In our opinion, the reality is that the body is naturally healthy, it is how we negatively affect that natural design through stress, nutrition and a toxic environment that will determine the final wellness state.

The second path, in our opinion, is unnatural. Science delves into the nature of existence and seeks to not only understand it, but to also control it. In this path we create medications, modify our body, create processed foods and even genetically engineer our food and environment. We do not feel that this is a sustainable process. Nature may not be the most efficient at realizing effective designs, but the resulting designs last hundreds of thousands of years. Yet in our folly we see today ever rapidly increasing rates of illness. Cancers, heart diseases, dementia and others are growing at unprecedented rates not found in natural systems of our animal and plant counterparts - except when those ecosystems are touched by man. Those "touched" ecosystems are falling rapidly into disarray.

Our goal at ASI Health and Wellness is to integrate and complement natural systems through understanding of the processes involved. For example, milk is one of the most complete foods for mammals. Nature designed it to be that way! The design of Nature is for a species to be healthy and multiply. However, to distribute milk in mass quantities we have developed ways to "keep it fresh" for longer periods. This is done by destroying many normally beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the milk. There are also important immune factors that are destroyed in this process. In our opinion, many of the intolerance's to dairy products today in the industrialized world are due to this processing. After almost 100 years of mass pasteurization, "modern science" is just beginning to understand how important these probiotic organisms are in milk. Yet, naturalists have known this for years and science looked down on those that would promote those bacteria as being necessary for our health. You have only to see all the sudden surge in advertisements for the healthy benefits of yogurt to see this backpedaling in action. It turns out that is just one of many important aspects of milk that has been keep hidden. Our solution is ASIHW Essential Proteins that offers those beneficial proteins and immune factors as a convenient supplement.

As another example, in modernized countries drinking water is conveniently distributed to the masses, but this mass distribution is fraught with perils of contamination from bacteria, toxic substances and pathogens. Man uses chlorine to "purify" the water of these pathogens, but the chlorine is toxic to humans as well. The prudent solution is to properly remove the chlorine and other toxic chemicals prior to drinking the water. This technology exists and we purchase bottled water in lieu of this simple solution. Even bottled water is far removed from the healthy sources of the once naturally clean waterways. The toxic effects from chlorinated water can be removed, and instead our water has become one of many of the prolific contaminants in our modern world that seeks to undermine our health and longevity. Our solution is an alkaline water system that attempts to duplicate the efforts of Nature in purifying and alkalizing water.

We hope you will learn along with us about how we can better maintain our natural heritage of health and wellness!