Naturally Improving Type 2 Diabetic Symptoms with Glutathione Precursors

Naturally Improving Type 2 Diabetic Symptoms with Glutathione Precursors
Research Doctors recently made an amazing discovery. The conclusions by the doctors were very clear:

"Conclusions: Patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes have severely deficient synthesis of glutathione due to limited precursor availability. Dietary supplementation with GSH precursor amino-acids can restore GSH synthesis and lower oxidative stress and oxidant damage in the face of persistent hyperglycemia.”
This research makes a direct link to diabetes and low levels of glutathione, and specifically related it to low levels of glutathione precursors. This is an important point. While glutathione can be ingested as a supplement, research shows that glutathione does not get properly absorbed in the digestive system. It is also poorly absorbed through the skin. However specific precursors can get absorbed by the digestive system. Yet some forms of precursors are also not effectively absorbed, or may not be safe for all individuals. That is why we developed a natural precursor base that is effectively absorbed by the body.

ASIHW Essential Proteins has ALL direct precursors necessary for the body to produce glutathione as needed, and in their naturally absorbable form! We guarantee that ASIHW Essential Proteins will raise your levels of glutathione if taken as recommended!

ASIHW Essential Proteins will safely and effectively provide natural immune factors, all necessary glutathione precursors and all essential proteins. We feel synthetic products are clearly no match for the natural nutrition and glutathione precursors found in ASIHW Essential Proteins, but you be the judge!


Of course, everyone is different. Severity, age, weight, diet, other health conditions, environment and even stress levels can affect dosage. However, generally we suggest taking 4 scoops per day (two canisters per month) of this product containing all of the direct natural glutathione precursors in the form that Nature provides. Some people may need more and some less. Adjust your intake based upon your results. As your body heals, you may be able to eventually reduce dosage to lower maintenance levels. If you have other health conditions, you may see them improve too as glutathione helps your body build the immune system and heal.

Note that the key synthetics can’t be stored by the body and break down rapidly. For that reason, they must be taken in high dose and several times a day. Whereas one 4 scoop serving per day of ASIHW Essential Proteins is typically all that is necessary due to the concentration of the precursors and how the body utilizes them.


Again, every person is different. However research testing showed dramatic improvement with synthetic precursors over a three month period. We do expect that people will begin seeing improvement at least in the first month, but three months is the standard here. Even medications require two to three months to stabilize or improve diabetes in most cases.


We always advise getting advice from a knowledgeable health care professional regarding medications and your health. Make sure your doctor has sufficient training and expertise in nutrition and is knowledgeable about glutathione. However, if you don’t have a dairy allergy then generally there are no contraindications in taking this safe food and generally there will be no adverse reason not to take it. This product falls into the FDA category of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Continue taking your medications (if any) and visiting your doctor. You will want to see how your diabetes is progressing or improving. Your doctor can do the testing required to really see how your health is being affected. Your doctor is the one that can advise any changes in medications.


This product is a functional food. There are no known interactions with any known medications. Due to special proprietary processing, even some people that are sensitive to pasteurized milk or lactose can take this in the recommended doses. Since the milk solids have been removed, many milk allergies do not apply. Since the diabetes may start to be controlled better through this nutrition, you may ultimately need less diabetes medications. Your doctor is the one to follow your diabetes progress and make any adjustments to your medications as necessary.


Medications are prescribed by doctors to interrupt something that has gone wrong in a less than natural way. Most medications have undesirable side effects. Our product has beneficial side effects! Instead of possibly causing cancer, or making you susceptible to tuberculosis, liver failure or other crazy illnesses as you see in most medical disclaimers, glutathione is known to provide benefits against most of those conditions. If you are looking for better quality of life and associated longevity, why wouldn’t you want to use something more natural?

Sadly if money is an issue, generic medications with a $5 co-pay are certainly less expensive – until you add the other medication costs, doctor visits, lost time to visit the doctor, travel time, quality of life time and other hidden costs related to your diabetes. Add to that the other possible illnesses like peripheral neuropathy, cataracts, kidney failure etc. We can’t say glutathione will eliminate them, but glutathione is again associated with reducing those concerns. You must be the judge as to whether a more natural solution is for you.


Synthetics are one solution. They are used by doctors in research as they are easy to prescribe and administer in an exact dose. Sometimes these synthetics are not recommended for children, pregnant adults, lactating adults and people on specific drugs or with certain illnesses. In many cases the cost is about the same. However, they can also be less convenient due to the required frequency.


Besides having the important precursors for glutathione, ASIHW Essential Proteins provides additional benefits. It provides all essential proteins to aid in healing and maintenance. It also provides important immune factors. It does this in a product that is actually safe for anyone that can drink fresh Mother’s milk! How cool is that?

We think that ASIHW Essential Proteins should be an important part of the diet for every person with diabetes! What do you think?


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease except as may be directed by your healthcare professional.