Cancer and Glutathione

Cancer and Glutathione


In spite of the enormous efforts of the medical community cancer is of growing concern. One out of three individuals today will be afflicted with cancer in their lifetime. It has long been known that cancer is related to genetics as well as carcinogens that can cause genetic mutations. The exact mechanism has not been known but research is beginning to unravel the mystery. Carcinogens cause oxidative stress on the mechanisms of the cell, both in the metabolism as well as the DNA of reproduction. Antioxidants have been known to assist in cancer prevention through the neutralization of free radicals but seem in some cases to provide a double edge sword. While they can assist in prevention they may also assist in provoking the growth of cancer once it has established itself within the body. Many therapies actually utilize the disruptive behavior of carcinogens as therapies against it (such as chemotherapy and radiation) and require in this therapy a reduction of antioxidant status for success. Others may employ strong antioxidant status to their advantage. Many alternative therapies also waffle between the two extremes and there may be complementary therapies utilizing advantages of both allopathic and alternative methods. When taken individually the research on this important topic, and that of the role of glutathione, can be extremely contradictory and confusing. This has led to both useful information as well as possibly dis-information that result in a wariness in the medical community in relation to the usefulness of antioxidants, and glutathione in particular, in combating cancer. This review is meant to look at the overall big picture in order to attempt to place a better perspective on the subject and specifically the role of glutathione. It is suggested herein that if given the proper resources, the body may not only be able to avoid cancer in most cases but may indeed heal itself naturally from cancer should the body somehow acquire it.

NOTE: Article under review. Please check back for updates and additional references in the near future.


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