ASIHW Customer Testimonials

ASIHW Customer Testimonials

ASIHW Customer Testimonials

We appreciate our customers and our customers appear to appreciate our products and services too! If you appreciate our products and services, please let us know. We would like to let current and future customers know what you think! You can either leave a testimonial by logging in and rating a specific product or you can send us an email or snail mail to let us know how you feel.

Following are a few of the testimonials. Some are on our service, some on our products and some on both! How cool is that?

"Absolutely WONDERFUL seller -- top-notch service, information, and integrity!"
- G.M., Woodstock, GA

"Thank you for Ultrein. It is a new name with more power for the people!"
- A.R., Brenham, TX

"I am 66 years old and had uncontrolled diabetes, severe wasting (cachexia), Fibromyalgia, neuropathy and Chronic Fatigue and was on over 10 medications. Doctors didn't expect me to live and I couldn't work or do anything any more. That was over 15 years ago. Today I am off all of my medications, my diabetes is gone, I have regained most of my weight and muscle tone and the Fibromyalgia and other conditions all remain in remission as long as I take the special essential proteins[Ultrein™]."
- R.E.B., Houston, TX

"Very pleased with whole transaction, merchandise and communication."
- G.M., San Diego, CA

"Excellent thanks! Great communication and customer service!"
- K.T. Tuscon, AZ

"I recently got shingles during a very stressful time. I was on medications and they don't stop all of the pain and skin problems. It was suggested that I try Ultrein™. I am happy to say that most of my symptoms are now gone and I have more energy again!"
- B.T., Clear Lake, TX

"Fast shipping! Love it"
- D.R., La Vergne, TN

"My mother is 85 years old. She has have CHF [Congestive Heart Failure] and borderline kidney failure. She is on oxygen and many medications. Since she has been on the protein [Ultrein™] to make glutathione her leg swelling [edema] has gone away, her high blood pressure has dropped to 140 (from 180), her arthritis has improved, her kidneys have gotten better, she is on fewer medications, she doesn't need her oxygen machine sometimes now, her skin is pink again, she doesn't get sick as often, she lost over 30 pounds, her pressure ulcer on her foot is almost healed and even her thyroid has improved. Even her hair growth and nails have improved! She was in a wheelchair for a while before and now she is stronger and uses a walker and lives independently. The glutathione and protein [Ultrein™] have really helped her! Thank you!"
- R.B. for S.W., Pasadena, TX

"Great product! [Ultrein™] Thank You!!!"
- A.G., San Francisco, CA

"I have chronic M.S. [Multiple Sclerosis] and it can be very painful and make it difficult to work and be with my family. Your essential proteins has made a huge difference in eliminating the pain and helping me have the energy to work again!"
- M., Houston, TX

"I want to let you know my story, and how the proteins have helped me. I was diagnosed with severe
adrenal exhaustion in 2008. All my numbers were opposite of what normal readings should be with regard
to my adrenals, vitamin d, and the list goes on. Over the years I improved my numbers and felt better, but
still not quite 'right'. I was still tired and seldom sleeping. I had tried more and more supplements to
correct the exhaustion, but it seemed I was just able to maintain, not improve.
Then I started the proteins [
Ultrein™]. First month, not a lot of change (probably to counteract more exhaustion).
Over the past two months, I have seen more energy, better sleep, and I right now feel the best I have in a
very long time! This month is the first time that I really have noticed I can take on more normal activities
without stopping and not feeling worn down. I am certain that this and the fact I am sleeping so much
better, are the reasons I have seen this improvement. I don't have that worn down feeling now, and feel the
strongest I have been in a very long time.
Thanks so much for this product!!"

- M.T., WY

"I have Autism and am also a body builder. I understand the importance of glutathione in eliminating the oxidative stresses that both can cause. The essential protein content is an added bonus for building and maintaining muscle. This product [Ultrein™] is perfect for me!"
- A.B. Houston, TX

"My hubby has early stages of Parkinson’s where he had terrible nightmares at night and would kick and scream. Thanks to Ultrein Hubby no longer screams and kicks from nightmares during the night. I noticed a big difference after him taking it before breakfast every day after about 5-6 weeks in to taking it. He definitely is sleeping better at nights. So am I because I am more confident he’s resting better. One more quick note: Thank you [ASIHW representative] for being so helpful and caring and always answering any questions we may have! And Thank you Ultrein! Hubby will keep taking it for sure.
- P.C, Katy, TX

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