The Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Sep 28 2013 posted by ASIHW
The Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Health issues continue to expand and grow in spite of our advances in medicine and technology! Why?

More and more research is pointing to our modern diet and poor nutrition as being a significant cause of our poor health. Additional evidence points to overuse of medications as well as an ever growing toxic environment. Finally, lack of normal exercise required for function of nutritional and detoxification pathways.

What can we do?

Eating better and supplementation of our diet is one way to augment our nutrition in the lack of better nutritional options. One area that is typically deficient is in essential proteins, as well as essential oils. Another is in important vitamins and minerals, possibly even in enzymes and probiotics.

Maintenance of our immune system is vital to reduction of unnecessary medications. Glutathione via glutathione precursors is imperative in maintaining our immune function. Natural immune factors are also extremely important.

The importance of exercise cannot be over-stated Even walking for 15-20 minutes a day, as well as frequent stretching by getting up when sitting for extended periods is imperative.

Once our key factors are in place, wellness is almost guaranteed. The body knows how to maintain itself, we just need to provide the necessary environment to allow it to do so!

ASIHW Essential Proteins provides all essential proteins, all key glutathione precursors and a host of natural immune factors. We think it makes a great foundation to natural health and wellness! What do you think?